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Related article: Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 January 06th EDT 00 From: Slv4fem aol. com Subject: Ben and Joe South Florida December 13, 1999 I was online in a chat room when I received an instant message. The sender was curious about oral sex twice, and thought I'd try both n and receiving. We talked about it, and admitted that he tried to create a number of times. He was only 15 years old and I told him he was too young for a man like me. Ben actually asked me to meet him, but I rejected. A few minutes later I got another instant message from Joe, n I was also curious. Joe was only 14 years old I thought I would introduce Joe Ben, at least. I teach a private chat room and the three of us began to chat. Both Ben and Joe were eager to suck a dick and be absorbed at a time the first place, but had no meeting place. I suggested that they would meet on my fishing near the river. There is an old trailer, but it comfortable and air conditioned. A met at an appropriate placed I find it in my car. When we reached my house, I suggested that to strip and they did. Both asked me to undress and I've done. Ben was about 5 '8 " and slim. His uncut cock was a bit hard and long about 7 inches. Its tail was thin, the foreskin covers the head completely. Joe was shorter about 5 '4 "and thinner too. the cock Joe was about 5 inches long and slightly thicker than the tail of Ben, but is still low. His Young Nn Models tail was a little hard and uncut. Both boys elder looked at my cock. Do you admire my cock was exciting and I Soon I was half Young Nn Models hard. I said that cleanliness is more important , especially since both were uncut, and suggested to be cleaned thoroughly before the tail something to do. I brought a bowl of warm water and Young Nn Models soap. Ben said, show you how clean his cock, so use a soap and a washcloth and put his cock from her s in my hand. I felt his cock getting hard in my hand, but the header was still covered by highs Big foreskin. Soon his penis was very hard and I of skin - the foreskin back and began cleaning cloth with soap. was the head shiny and smooth and soft looking. I wanted to suck properly then and there! I held back, though, as gently clean his cock. I realized that Joe's hard dick seeing me handle Ben 's cock was. Ben groaned and shuddered, as he slipped the cloth with soap on his cock. He warned, I n, which would, if I continue to finish. It was clean by then so I left. then Joe asked me to clean his cock. I followed all hard and excited when it comes to the queue. Joe 's cock was shorter Ben, very hard. His foreskin is covered almost entirely on the bluish red head wet. Joe gave me the same warning about the proximity to running when I used the cloth with soap on his hard cock. I then suggested that shower. Both young men gathered in the shower. I suggested that she cleaned each other with their hands. both seemed live soapy cocks. I laughed and showed that from to them and they laughed too. They took each other after a shower and , we went to another room. We talked for a while and told his questions s the best I could. Both were interested in 69 '. I suggested, , it would be fun for them, after they knew better, and everyone knew the answers. I had cut cards to see who would be the first Suckee clean. Joe had the highest card and decided to be the first to be absorbed. Joe sat on the edge of the sofa and placed between the thighs of Ben. Joe 's cock was hard and sticking straight up. Ben seemed to to start cautiously and said, " What now ? " I said, " Lick it, Ben! " Ben tentatively licked the Young Nn Models shaft by Joe Hahn. Joe moaned with pleasure Ben as his cock slid over the tongue. The head of Joe 's cock was to be covered by the foreskin. When Ben licked, I expected with some leakage n from the end of the foreskin corrugated Joe. Iasked, "How is it, Ben? " replied Ben:.. " Okay Cool" I said : " The taste of pre -cum, Ben" Ben licked the front with this : ". Is a bit salty, but hey, " I said, " Cut him back, Ben "hand Ben trembled as he pushed back into the axis of the head exposed. 's head suddenly appeared, all wet and red. It had a bluish color of the as well. Pre -cum dripped and poured from the opening of Rooster Joe. I said, "Lick the head, Ben. " Language Ben licked his entire head, clearing much of the pre-cum that was coated. I said, " Suck it, Ben," open Ben 's mouth and pressed his lips around the head and began to sucking. Joe exclaimed, " Oh, it feels good AHHHHHHHHH ". Then, the head of Joe Young Nn Models Ben grabbed her and pulled her head down, take over Joe 's cock in the mouth. Joe said : "I feel your tongue I cum ! " And body began to tremble and spasm. Ben seemed to be trying to break, but Joe had a good sense of theirBen 's head and fucked her mouth, when he was shot. I said, "all this, Ben," The wave of Joe 's cock was covered with cum thick as fuck and Ben in the mouth. Some runs from the corners of the mouth of Ben as filtering Joe cum shoot further. Joe shouted with joy extreme of the s all the time it was running. Ben has a good job in most of Joe cum n. Finally, Joe said, " That's enough, Ben, stop sucking. " I said, 'Swallow, Ben. " pushed his mouth Ben and swallowed by Joe Hahn. Joe fell to his hand, wiped his orgasm. Ben sat next to Joe and said, " Fuck you I will also be absorbed ". Joe did not move. He was devastated for a while. I was so hot that I I knelt between her legs apart and pulled Ben tricks the hand of his hard cock. Ben 's tail was more than Joe, but also hard and juicy. It points up and touched her belly. Dick started Ben lick around the shaft andWhile their eggs in the mouth y gently sucked. Ben shouted " I'm going to run. " opened my mouth and took Ben's hard cock in my mouth wet. I gently bite his penis and pushed it with my teeth feel foreskin Ben into my mouth. Ben screamed as I started sucking on the bare head. Ben said : "It feels good and Cumming ! " I could feel his cum shot into my mouth, hot and thick. Tested is large. Ben grabbed my head and pulled out what else has been buried by the tail sucking in my mouth. He came to shoot his cum kept much longer than as possible and I had to swallow before he finished running. Ben was cries Young Nn Models of pleasure as he filled my mouth again. I swallowed again When at last. I was so hot! I continued to gently suck Ben 's cock and it was never easy. After a suck gently a few minutes, Ben began once again shows emotion. I let n Ben stood without the prick Young Nn Models of my mouth and turned. NowBen stood up and I was sitting with his back against the edge of the the couch. Ben was shaking and trembling. He took my head with his hands and began to fuck my mouth quickly. Ben pushed his cock and it was all in my mouth! When I serve, I lick and suck s fast. Ben said, "Your tongue feels so good I'm gonna cum again, " Ben cried incessantly, while filled my mouth again, but not s that cum much as he did the first time he did. Ben broke the couch and sat on the couch next to the two boys and began to straws. I could not wait to finish ! Joe had recovered and was placed between my legs apart and began to suck my dick. His mouth without experience was wonderful and I began to running almost immediately. It was the most exciting run of my life! Joe swallowed my semen. The boys suck again. I was excited by the observation, but Young Nn Models I do to cum again needed. Age ?
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